Ideas in the Works

I’ve been working on a few different projects and I would like to get some feedback on what my family and friends would be interested in seeing more of. If any of these ideas strike you as interesting, let me know so I can put them online! I am working on revamping and want to know what would be the best foot forward.

Thank you!

  1. The Town of Tymes Book 2 – A Crazy Kind of Trust
    I have been drawing my hands off working on the second book for the Town of Tymes. It follows the continued story of a small town girl, Karen, and her search for a time machine, the Aevolaire. In this issue a new character appears,.. known as “Crazy Ammo Guy” and we finally get to see Tymes in the year 1969!
  2. Sons of God
    More serious then the Town of Tymes, this is a comic that follows the path of a Fallen Angel, Raphael, on a quest for Lillith, the original first wife of Adam. After being banished out of heaven he makes it his mission to degain his spot in God’s kingdom by bringing the long lost heretic to holy judgement. You can already see some of this one on my website.
  3. LIGHT!
    A group of kids are at their town fair and decide to go into the funhouse. However, this is a new funhouse then the crappy one last year, and upon entering they are faced with a masked terrorist known only as “Grinz” What started as a straightforward slasher story degenerates into a search for sanity, as the comic itself unwinds.
  4. The Pope Show
    For a long time I have had an idea for a cartoon series centered around a two-toed sloth with a hilarious voice that has been elected to be the leader for the Catholic Church. I know, it sounds like I am on drugs, but I guarentee you once you hear at least three stories about the Pope you will fall in love with his ridiculous antics. This comedy would most likely be uploaded for free on Youtube and each episode would be only five minutes long,.. but completely worth it.
  5. Day Dreams and Night Terrors
    I have compiled a collection of 6 dreams and 7 nightmares and plan on converting them into comic form. Each dream will have its own style depending on the mood the dreamer says they felt during it. I have one night terror online already on my website; it’s from my friend Chad where he dreamt he was laying on the beach with his dream girl and suddenly all his teeth fell out! I have been wanting to do this one for a while, but never found time. Other dreams included a man falling asleep at the wheel, only to wake up 10,000 feet up free falling back to earth in his car, and a girl waking up to a cold and abandoned cabin crawling with black spider people.
  6. Dark Country
    I have been working with a friend on a zombie comic that would focus on individual characters and their twisted lives prior to a worldwide zombie outbreak. I don’t know enough about this one to give an accurate description, but basically its an apocolyptic future adventure with your typical shady government conspiracy in the background.

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